Where does my data reside?

Data resides in separate data stores. Each instance is segregated by individual company subscriber into specific data stores on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How secure is my data?

Sensitive customer data is encrypted in storage and in transport. The STOplanner system provides identity and access management to ensure the right personnel only access the appropriate resources [...]

How is support handled? Where?

Technical support for the STOplanner Solution is available through our US based support center in Arlington, Texas. Administrative support is available through STOlogix both as on-Line and email [...]

Can I use STOplanner on a mobile device?

Yes. On the client-side, the STOplanner software is grounded in Java/JQuery (3.2.1), and Bootstrap(3.3.7) CSS. Although this is not a mobile application, Bootstrap provides a responsive UX (User [...]

What is the technology behind STOplanner?

The tech stack behind STOplanner is comprised of .NET MVC5, Entity Framework 6 (EF6) and a MSSQL database, deployed to AWS (Amazon Web Services). At its core, these technologies are proven with [...]

Can you support Custom Training?

STOlogix approaches training with the adult learner in mind. Our standardized approach to the development of training materials focuses on four key adult learning principles; Readiness Principle [...]

Do you provide implementation services?

STOlogix provides full implementation services from its proven approach. We begin with a kick-off meeting to ensure a smooth transition from sales and to ensure alignment to corporate goals. We [...]