What is STOplanner?

STOplanner is a cloud-based software solution that is used to better plan a shutdown, turnaround, or outage (STO). The tool is designed to bring the ability to budget, plan work activities, plan required materials and resource requirements into a single, intuitive platform which offers streamlined efficiency and visibility across the STO stakeholders.

How can I learn about STOplanner features?
Can STOplanner really improve planning operations without changing out our core ERP and CMMS Systems?

It can do this through synchronous data exports and imports from source systems to STOplanner. The imports and exports can also be automated using your IT departments integration architecture or we can recommend a solution.

This method of sharing data ensures stability in the large integrated asset management solutions while improving planning, reducing staffing, providing visibility, and creating the return-on-investment you require.

How much does STOplanner cost?

STOplanner is a cloud-based solution that is sold as a subscription service. STOlogix provides three tiers of service depending on the customer’s size and requirements. Discounts are provided for multi-year agreements. An initial implementation fast start service pact is required for orders per site. Please contact sales at sales@stologix.com for more details.

Can you buy perpetual onsite licenses?

Onsite perpetual licenses will be sold on a case by case basis. Please contact sales at sales@stologix.com for more details.

How can I share my ideas for STOplanner?

Go to: https: //www.stologix.com/contact/ and submit a request via the website or email support@stologix.com.

Do you provide implementation services?

STOlogix provides full implementation services from its proven approach. We begin with a kick-off meeting to ensure a smooth transition from sales and to ensure alignment to corporate goals.

We plan the implementation using Primavera to include requirements definition and evaluation of source systems and solution data. A configuration design is produced for approval with subsequent configuration of STOplanner.

We will work with your subject matter experts to perform system and user acceptance testing to ensure the solution is ready to exceed your expectations.

Prior to go-live, we will work with your organization by providing training aligned to your policies and processes. This can be further customized to other organizational roles upon request. Specialized administrator training is also provided setting your organization up for success!

At go-live, STOlogix consultants will work with your team to assist in the smooth assimilation into work processes and organization culture.

Can you support Custom Training?

STOlogix approaches training with the adult learner in mind. Our standardized approach to the development of training materials focuses on four key adult learning principles;

  1. Readiness Principle
  2. Experience Principle
  3. Autonomy Principle
  4. Action Principle
Are API’s and internal integrations included in the plans?

Integrations to other systems are not included as part of the initial implementation. These services can be provided by STOlogix consulting services. All work will be scoped and follow a standard Statement of Work with stated deliverables and terms.

What is the technology behind STOplanner?

The tech stack behind STOplanner is comprised of .NET MVC5, Entity Framework 6 (EF6) and a MSSQL database, deployed to AWS (Amazon Web Services). At its core, these technologies are proven with stability and a healthy ensemble of plugins and extensions that assist in making robust web applications. Incorporating .NET Identity provides a framework for User Management that is highly customizable allowing for greater control over authentication and authorization with traditional methods of roles and permissions, as well as implementation of Claims-based authorization.

Can I use STOplanner on a mobile device?

Yes. On the client-side, the STOplanner software is grounded in Java/JQuery (3.2.1), and Bootstrap(3.3.7) CSS. Although this is not a mobile application, Bootstrap provides a responsive UX (User Experience) that allows for a user to access the application from a mobile browser without diminishing their experience. This technology allows users to dynamically group, sort, filter, aggregate, compare, and export to data to EXCEL, through a drag and drop user interface that eliminates the need for most SQL data queries or custom reports.

How is support handled? Where?

Technical support for the STOplanner Solution is available through our US based support center in Arlington, Texas. Administrative support is available through STOlogix both as on-Line and email contact.

How secure is my data?

Sensitive customer data is encrypted in storage and in transport. The STOplanner system provides identity and access management to ensure the right personnel only access the appropriate resources according to the permissions established by the company level administrator. The STOplanner system includes advanced audit trails to track user access and changes to records within the application. In order to maintain security of data between STOplanner clients, each client instance has it’s own dedicated datastore.

Where does my data reside?

Data resides in separate data stores. Each instance is segregated by individual company subscriber into specific data stores on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Which browsers can I use?

Any leading browser that supports HTML5, such as Chrome and Firefox, work best with STOplanner.

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